About Rooted Finds

Hi! My name is Jen,but most of my friends (and a few employees at Home Depot) sometimes refer to me as "the (crazy) plant lady." When I am not fussing over my plants or researching them, I am a full time high school English language arts teacher with a love of horrible "dad" jokes and mom of two. My husband, kids, and dog are not nearly as into plants and often give me a hard time - especially when I feel the need to identify different plants without being asked and they really don't enjoy garden tasks. My close friends and family shake their heads and humor me, probably because they don't have to live with me. No one truly appreciates the jokes or puns.

In 2020, my school went distance learning and to deal with the unknown I planted green beans. Long story short - I survived distance learning, my green beans did not make it long enough to be planted in the garden. But this was enough to spark my love of (obsession with) plants. 

As I have navigated my way into the plant realm, I've found myself being asked questions about gardening and house plants by friends and family - anything from care and pest control to product suggestions. This is where Rooted Finds stems from. Rooted Finds gives me a chance to share my experiences and resources, and offer quality plant-based items from small businesses. 

Please feel free to ask question about any of the products featured in my shop or make suggestions on something you would like to see. As seasons change, the shop will feature a variety of items that will make your growing season easier and maybe a little quirkier.

Most important - have fun and always remember that gardening in any form is an ongoing experiment. #plantyourhappy

Event Times & Locations

Clara City Farmers Market

Division St N, Clara City, MN, 56222


June 12

June 19